Double eccentric butterfly valves, so called high performance butterfly valves, doble offset butterfly valves or fail-safe butterfly valves, are characterized by their long service time, low maintenance and reduced friction between the seal and the gasket.

Their first eccentric is the offset between the shaft centre line and the disc trunnion centre line.  Second eccentric is the offset between the body center line and the disc center line. This design offers excellent controllability, bubble tight shut-off and a smooth operation, plus a reduced flow resistance.

Babcock Valves designs offer its characteristic solid heavy-duty construction, high temperature and pressure range, and a bidirectional sealing.

Babcock valves

3 meter diameter butterfly valve from Babcock Valves


Double eccentric Babcock Valves are produced in sizes from 24″ to 200″, with an ANSI classification from 150 to 600 lb.


We produce butterfly valves in a wide range of materials, including high alloys (exotic), like duplex stainless steels, hastelloy, inconel, monel, titanium, etc. Modern techniques and customer requirements continuously impose changes in materials and design, due to which any reference not included in this web will also be supplied.


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